What makes me unique as a Yoga teacher.

I have been teaching Yoga now for 1.5 years, at least 3/4 classes a week. That makes ~250 classes! Over the last year, my classes have developed a lot. I started teaching a very simple Vinyasa sequence, the one I learned in my 200h YTT, but soon I started innovating! I had many years ofContinue reading “What makes me unique as a Yoga teacher.”

How Yoga can help to tolerate frustration.

One of the biggest benefits of yoga that I have experienced myself is the ability to tolerate frustration. I work as a talent acquisition partner (recruitment) within the IT industry. As you may know this is a very fast-paced, competitive & ever-changing field. I do have ambitious targets and deadlines, together with a lot ofContinue reading “How Yoga can help to tolerate frustration.”

My journey as a Yoga teacher in the year when everything changed.

I took my YTT 200 hours in the end of 2019. After my exam, I just loved the experience of teaching! I loved guiding the other practitioners, supporting them & sharing my passion for the discipline. I then decided to start my journey as a yoga teacher 🧘🏽‍♀️. I started teaching generic vinyasa classes inContinue reading “My journey as a Yoga teacher in the year when everything changed.”

How to develop the habit of practicing yoga daily.

Is it possible to develop the habit of practicing Yoga daily? Yes, it is! I have been practicing yoga for over 5 years. At the beginning I used to practice once a week since the slow yoga classes offered in my town did not engage me much. Once I discover Bikram yoga I started joiningContinue reading “How to develop the habit of practicing yoga daily.”

Hot Yoga and Normal Yoga. How each can help?

My background is in HotYoga (Bikram). I got hooked on this style. I practiced it for some years daily and I experienced lots of benefits! I was super happy with no intention to add any variation to my practice. However, the studio I was joining moved to another location that I was not able toContinue reading “Hot Yoga and Normal Yoga. How each can help?”

Yoga can be as hard as a gym class.

I started practising yoga over five years ago. My first experiences were a bit disappointing, as I was used to doing high intensity workouts and the first yoga classes I joined were not dynamic & engaging, but slow and relaxing. Initially I thought ‘Ok, yoga is not for me. Next time let’s join spin class’.Continue reading “Yoga can be as hard as a gym class.”