Psychologist, yoga lover & teacher.

Yoga isn’t about models posting photos on Instagram of tricky poses in exotic locations.

It’s about making small improvements to your daily life.

My name is Alicia.

I am a psychologist with an HR background, a yoga lover & passionate teacher.

I discovered the benefits of yoga a long time ago. Yoga helps me stay focused, happy & productive within hectic & highly stressful environments. Yoga practice brought me better cognitive function, coordination & balance. I was able to practice many other sports I never tried before thanks to these skills. My memory, attention & listening skills improved massively and so too did my creativity & imagination.

Yoga taught me patience, perseverance, and tolerance of discomfort & frustration. And of course that practice makes perfect!

My values.

  • Make it your own. We are changing all the time. Our bodies change. Yoga is about listening to your body and its needs, and adapt the sequence to that.
  • Invest in yourself. We all wake up with a large list of calls, meetings, appointments to go through. Stress takes over our lives. Slow down. Have your coffee in your couch. Listen to that song you love. Read that book. Do some yoga.
  • Discover. Try, experiment, discover. Feel something new in each class. Listen, open up. Feel the change, feel the progress.
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