How Yoga can help to tolerate frustration.

Alicia’s work station

One of the biggest benefits of yoga that I have experienced myself is the ability to tolerate frustration.

I work as a talent acquisition partner (recruitment) within the IT industry. As you may know this is a very fast-paced, competitive & ever-changing field. I do have ambitious targets and deadlines, together with a lot of responsibilities. This job can be very stressful and the ability to tolerate stress & frustration is a must in order to succeed.

How did yoga help me?

I have always practiced sports, and I believe this has generally helped me with tolerating a high-level of stress. However, yoga specifically has helped me to keep myself focused even when immersing within a hectic, competitive & frustrating environment.

Practicing yoga involves moving & holding our bodies in a specific way that may not be familiar or comfortable to us. It involves balance, strength & flexibility that we may not have sometimes. You need to try & practice so many times before mastering an asana!

You may not be able to enter a posture, you may not be able to hold it, you may fall (many times)! This is frustrating yes! But every time this happens, you improve and get closer to your goal.

This process taught me to tolerate frustration & discomfort better, to understand that things may take some time and that just by working on our weaknesses we will become stronger. It is ok not to feel comfortable, this status will pass, we just need to wait, but the glory of having gone through it, resist it, and having grown will remain forever.

How do I apply this at work?

At work, like everyone else, I need to tolerate a lot of frustrations. When this happens, my brain understands it will pass (as the discomfort in a hard Asana), the situation will get better soon by acting or just doing nothing & being patient. I just go with the flow and instead of wasting my energy being frustrating, I work on an action plan about how to solve the problem, with a relaxed mind & a positive attitude.

I know it may sound easy or what everyone would do, but it took me time to reach that point where I do not get frustrated and instead I use my energy to work on solving the problem, patiently and happily.

I’d love to hear how you cope with frustration πŸ™‚

Published by aliciaparra

I am a psychologist, yoga lover & teacher. Currently based in Malta, working as a talent acquisition partner & yoga teacher.

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