My journey as a Yoga teacher in the year when everything changed.

I took my YTT 200 hours in the end of 2019.

After my exam, I just loved the experience of teaching! I loved guiding the other practitioners, supporting them & sharing my passion for the discipline. I then decided to start my journey as a yoga teacher πŸ§˜πŸ½β€β™€οΈ.

I started teaching generic vinyasa classes in gym’s, dance schools, and yoga studios, mainly to beginners or intermediate level. I wanted to start broad so I could discover what my teaching style & preference is. I did this for 3 months, then the pandemic came and I had to recreate my teaching!

I created a youtube channel to stream my classes so everyone could have access them. It was such a challenge for me since I had never been in front of a camera before! However, it was a great opportunity to start getting comfortable with the online set up and also to learn about video editing & social media.

We are now approaching the end of my first year teaching and I could not be happier with the outcomes!

I managed to build my own teaching style; strong vinyasa classes with a focus on strength & balance. I enjoy so much creating classes that my students feel challenging but feasible. I always try to give something new while keeping a similar structure and repeating those basic postures which help create a strong foundation. Motivation plays an important role, so I try to create sequences where people can feel the improvement on themselves week after week. I want my students to feel the power of Savasana to truly relax during this pose. In my experience the best Corpse pose comes after a strong practice, so you are so exhausted that you can just do nothing.

It has not been an easy year to start building my teaching skills, considering the lockdown, regulations, and general fear to gatherings. But hey, no one said it’d be easy! It’s been just different. While being home I had an opportunity to think more & better.

I look forward to keep practising with all of you. If this pandemic has taught us something is that we need to keep ourselves healthy, strong & motivated about something that we can do alone & at home πŸ™‚.

Practice yoga wherever you feel motivated & safe.

I cannot wait to see what 2021 brings us in! HAPPY NEW YEAR! πŸ’«

Published by aliciaparra

I am a psychologist, yoga lover & teacher. Currently based in Malta, working as a talent acquisition partner & yoga teacher.

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