Hot Yoga and Normal Yoga. How each can help?

My background is in HotYoga (Bikram). I got hooked on this style.

I practiced it for some years daily and I experienced lots of benefits! I was super happy with no intention to add any variation to my practice. However, the studio I was joining moved to another location that I was not able to visit every day so, unexpectedly and for external reasons, I switched to normal Yoga.Β 

My surprise? 

I loved it. I realised when in normal temperature my body was able to push further since I could focus on the practice & pose rather than surviving the heat. I was able to go deeper into postures that I was giving up during hot yoga since I was feeling out of oxygen. I was able to hold postures for longer & thus build muscle memory faster. 

What happened after?

I started practicing power yoga at normal temperatures daily. I was doing it at home on my own (I had been practicing Yoga for some years so I knew the alignment of the asanas) or joining group classes, and at least 1-2 a week I was trying to join a HotYoga class to keep up the habit.

What did I learn?

Variety is the key (as always!). Combining normal Yoga & HoyYoga was the perfect mix to keep progressing in my practice. I introduced the benefits of both to my practice. 

Keep trying! Different styles, teachers, techniques, you never know when you can discover something new that works better for you.

Published by aliciaparra

I am a psychologist, yoga lover & teacher. Currently based in Malta, working as a talent acquisition partner & yoga teacher.

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