My values as a yoga teacher.

Today I’d like to share with you what my values are as a Yoga teacher.

This means, when I am teaching, what I do keep in mind to provide what I consider is a good service to my students.

You can read a bit about this in my “About” section but I thought it’d be nice to dedicate a blog to this, since I consider it to be something truly important for my students to know.

As a Yoga teacher there are 3 things which are important for me to encourage in my students:

Make it your own. We are living beings which change all the time. Our brains are changing all the time, so do our bodies. Different poses feel different every day. I encourage my students to do whatever feels good in that moment and to back off if something does not feel right.

Everyone is in a different stage in their practice. I provide plenty of options & cues, you do not have to everything I say. Listen to the options and take the ones which feel good for you. Sometimes less is more!

Discover. I encourage my students to try, to experiment, to be bold and try that pose which we were scared of some time ago. You do not know what you are capable of until you try, so give it a go! A yoga class with a qualified teacher is the perfect scenario to try things out.

Invest in yourself. This is a very important value to me. I believe we all should do something for ourselves every day. Find that thing which makes you happy, which makes you feel alive & find time for it no matter what, you are worth that time. While on it, focus on that, forget what happened before, what you need to do later and just enjoy the moment!

Published by aliciaparra

I am a psychologist, yoga lover & teacher. Currently based in Malta, working as a talent acquisition partner & yoga teacher.

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